WA Governor - Bill Action
(March 24, 2022) - SB 5796

SB 5796 - Cannabis Tax Revenue Appropriations - JLARC Expenditure Study

The Governor signed a bill which changed non-binding cannabis revenue appropriations and mandated a study of those expenditures by the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee.

Here are some observations from the Thursday March 24th Washington State Office of the Governor (WA Governor) Bill Action.

My top 3 takeaways:

  • Governor Jay Inslee added his signature to ​​SB 5796, "Restructuring cannabis revenue appropriations," commenting on benefits the changes would bring over existing law (audio - <1m, video).
    • He promised the legislation passed by lawmakers provided “consumers greater transparency about how the state distributes cannabis revenues.” Additionally, “the state will distribute more funding to counties and cities as the revenue grows,” said Inslee.
    • Thanking the bill sponsor, Senator Rebecca Saldaña, Inslee affixed his signature to SB 5796.

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