WA Legislature - Update
(February 8, 2023)

WA Legislature - Update (Feb 8, 2023) - Takeaways

Representatives heard the WSLCB THC bill, a technical corrections bill was readied for the opposite house, and a senate floor session and rules meeting were scheduled for Wednesday.

Here are some observations of the Washington State Legislature (WA Legislature) for Wednesday February 8th, the 31st day of the 2023 Regular Session.

My top 3 takeaways:

  • Also on Wednesday, senators planned to host a floor session during which they could take up the interstate commerce trigger bill and members of the Washington State Senate Rules Committee (WA Senate RULE) could calendar two cannabis-related bills in the late afternoon.
    • Senators planned to convene a floor session at 10:30am. SB 5069, “Allowing interstate cannabis agreements,” had been pulled to the Senate regular calendar and could be selected for its second and third reading on Wednesday. At publication time, there were no published floor amendments.
    • WA Senate RULE members planned to meet at 4pm. SB 5123 (“Concerning the employment of individuals who lawfully consume cannabis”) and SB 5405 (“Modifying the liquor and cannabis board's subpoena authority”) had both been recommended by WA Senate LC members and could be pulled from the Senate Rules White Sheet to the floor calendar.
    • The Washington State House Rules Committee (WA House RUL) was, as a rule, less forthcoming about meeting announcements and voluntary transparency. However, HB 1563 (“Concerning arrest protections for the medical use of cannabis”) could be pulled to the floor calendar when the representatives next meet.
      • HB 1249, regarding low-dose beverages, had been recommended by WA House RSG members on Monday February 6th but, at publication time, was not yet available for WA House RUL members to consider.