WSLCB - Board Caucus
(October 13, 2020) - Initial Update

WSLCB - Petition for Rulemaking (Aug 24, 2020) - Ryan Agnew - Extraction Inspection - Proposed Rule Text

The Board denied two petitions for rulemaking on residency requirements and extraction inspection.

  • Accepting of Policy and Rules Coordinator Casey Schaufler’s argument that pending litigation in the Brinkmeyer v. WSLCB case should preclude the Board from action, members voted to deny a petition to voluntarily undertake rulemaking to revise residency requirements (audio - 6m).
  • The Board was similarly accepting of Schaufler’s argument that the WSLCB should respect local authority by maintaining its own rules which require local authorities to inspect cannabis extraction equipment (audio - 5m).

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