WSLCB - Board Meeting
(October 14, 2020) - Initial Update

WSLCB - BIP 06-2018 - Excerpt

The Board undertook expected rulemaking actions to rescind BIP 06-2018 regarding vetting of licensee funds and reapproved final rules for the Consultation and Education Program.

  • Policy and Rules Manager Kathy Hoffman indicated that BIP 06-2018 (“Allowing marijuana licensees to spend their own money on their businesses prior to the Board vetting the funds”) was superseded by recent True Party of Interest (TPI) rule changes (audio - 3m).
  • A “technicality” tripped up the filing of the Consultation and Education Program CR-103 approved by board members on September 30th, leading Hoffman to seek reapproval of an identical rulemaking package. No impact was expected on the implementation timeline (audio - 3m).
  • We’ll include more detail and rulemaking updates in a subsequent summary.

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