WSLCB - Integrator Work Session
(August 27, 2020) - Confirmed

On Tuesday August 25th, WSLCB staff confirmed the "Integrator Support Meeting" would be convened on Thursday August 27th for the first time since early June.

  • The confirmation email indicated WSLCB would be "asking MJ Freeway to address" an issue raised by a third-party software provider "at the upcoming meeting." While this language is not definitive, it indicates representatives of MJ Freeway may be present at the meeting. MJ Freeway had been dis-invited to the WSLCB's Integrator Work Sessions to de-escalate tensions following the last release of Leaf Data Systems in July 2019. The departure of WSLCB System Administrator Sydney Jensen, who acted as the primary point of contact and liaison for the software integrators, may have prompted disintermediation.
  • The confirmation email also indicated the WSLCB intended to address the "Status of LCB Leaf Support and Efforts." Given WSLCB budget constraints for the foreseeable future, the integrators may learn more about the agency’s post-pandemic position on traceability.

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