WSLCB - Listen and Learn - HB 2826 Implementation
(September 29, 2020) - Initial Update

More than 60 participants attended the forum on the implementation of HB 2826 but few shared comments on draft conceptual rules and a proposed Marijuana Vapor Product Disclosure Form.

  • Looking at the conceptual rules for a new section on “Marijuana vapor products,” agency staff heard a suggestion to define ‘public health’ and a question on the agency's power to regulate vapor device use in addition to sales (audio - 6m).
  • When considering the draft product disclosure form developed by WSLCB and the Washington State Department of Health (DOH), cannabis industry representatives questioned if the form was applicable to all concentrates or only vapor products and how frequently disclosure would be expected (audio - 3m). Participants also voiced concerns over when terpenes would be defined as an additive and wanted clearer public disclosure exemptions on ingredient suppliers and proprietary information.
  • Prevention community advocates spoke up to ask about vapor device research and the timeline for submitting suggested revisions.

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