The Week Ahead
(June 17, 2019)

Here’s a look at the week ahead.

Expect a revised launch date for release 1.37.5 of Washington’s version of MJ Freeway’s Leaf Data Systems seed-to-sale traceability system, the information backbone of the I-502 regulated marketplace.

Last Monday, we expected to receive a revised launch date – but nothing was forthcoming from the agency until WSLCB CIO Mary Mueller’s email to third-party software providers late Tuesday night. At that time, Mueller didn’t specify a revised launch date because the agency had received requests from certain unnamed software integrators for “more time to ensure that the magnitude of system changes didn’t negatively impact the flow of their customers’ product.” As well, the agency decided “Since our early practice deployments with the three night outage didn’t go well, we have made the decision to take the entire system down for a single 24-hour period during migration.”

During the opportunity for general public comment at the subsequent Board Meeting on Wednesday morning, I mentioned the proposed industry-wide traceability outage and expressed learned skepticism about the capabilities of the state’s traceability vendor, MJ Freeway. The Board heard those sentiments and raised their own during the Executive Management Team meeting later on Wednesday afternoon. During Thursday’s Marijuana Traceability Project Advisory Committee meeting, conversation between the agency, the vendor, and committee members was frank and revealing. Cannabis Observer will share our observations of that meeting this week.

TUESDAY: On Tuesday June 18th at 10am PT @ WSLCB, the weekly Board Caucus recurs.

WEDNESDAY: On Wednesday June 19th, the bi-weekly WSLCB Executive Management Team Meeting has been canceled.

THURSDAY: On Thursday June 20th at 9:30am PT @ WSLCB, the bi-weekly Marijuana Traceability Project (MTP) Integrator Work Session recurs. This is not a formal public meeting, but is open to interested parties.