WSLCB – Board Caucus
(December 3, 2019)

Here are some observations from the Tuesday December 3rd Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) Board Caucus.

My only takeaway:

  • After meeting in closed executive session, the public portion of the caucus meeting was cancelled after the Board was unexpectedly unable to achieve quorum.
    • It’s Cannabis Observer’s understanding that Board Chair Jane Rushford and Board Member Russ Hauge planned to meet privately in executive session at 10am as scheduled with WSLCB Human Resources Director Claris Nnanabu and Kate Reynolds, the Executive Director of the Executive Ethics Board, an independent state entity “funded and supported through the Attorney General’s Office (AGO).”
      • Cannabis Observer has no insight into the purpose of the WSLCB Board’s meeting with the entity that “enforces the Ethics in Public Service Act, RCW 42.52.”
    • However, it appears the WSLCB Board declared itself at ease without convening in executive session and Hauge was the only board member present at 11am. In the interim, Chair Rushford departed for another appointment and Board Member Ollie Garrett was stuck in traffic.
    • Hauge briefly explained the situation to staff and observers at 11am before suggesting Executive Assistant Dustin Dickson attempt to reach Garrett by phone to ascertain her availability. The group reconvened fifteen minutes later and, given no change in status, formally adjourned the public meeting (audio – 2m).
Here are shared documents for your review: