Cannabis Observer helps dismantle the prohibition of cannabis by creating outstanding information
about cannabis policymaking
in Washington state
for stakeholders, the public, and policymakers themselves.


We identify and track cannabis policymaking events


We witness in-person and remote events and our presence promotes accountability

Witnessing - Recording

We record events, create our own media, and duplicate official sources to preclude loss

Witnessing - Testifying

We testify, speaking from the heart, providing subject matter expertise


We share our observations rich with context


We distribute our work products freely
to democratize access to information,
disrupt structures of privilege,
and maximize impact

Wrapping Up


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Whom We Serve

Audience - Cannabis Licensees
Marijuana Licensees and their Employees
Cannabis Licensees and their Employees
The people who "touch the plant" deserve our support.

Given the unchanged federal status of "marihuana" in the United States, great risk is confronted by state licensed businesses: producers, processors, transporters, retailers, and researchers in Washington state. We support their dreams and honor their sacrifices by tracking emergent cannabis policies. From bills making their way through the state legislature, to rulemaking at the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB), we keep cannabis businesses informed.

Audience - Hemp Licensees
Hemp Licensees and CBD Businesses
Hemp Licensees and CBD Businesses
As hemp goes, so goes cannabis.

Licensed hemp producers face a different set of challenges and uncertainties at the federal, state, and local level. But with federal recognition of hemp as an agricultural commodity, the door is open for cannabis as medicine, food, textile, animal feed, construction material, you name it. We track hemp and CBD policymaking at the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) to help bolster efforts to liberate this budding specialty crop.

Audience - Trade Associations
Whom We Serve - Trade Associations
Trade Associations
Representatives of cannabis licensees can focus more on their members.

Cannabis businesses seek trade association membership in part to ensure their voices are heard. It takes time and money to participate in policymaking and gather good information for decisionmaking, especially in new and rapidly maturing sectors like cannabis. With resources freed, trade associations can devote more time to representing their members' interests.

Audience - Public Servants
Whom We Serve - Public Servants
Public Servants
Cannabis policymaking is hard.

Elected representatives, appointed officials, and public employees are tasked with creating wholly new statutory and regulatory structures for cannabis. We know that's important work and bring compassion and respect to our interactions with civil servants. We've heard that public employees appreciate our close observations of meetings they often can't attend, and our information helps their work.

Audience - Advocates and Lobbyists
Whom We Serve - Advocates and Lobbyists
Advocates and Lobbyists
We help policymaking professionals act.

If you need outstanding information about what is happening in Washington state cannabis policymaking, you'll find a lot here. Relationships and access remain social dimensions which have become even more important in the pandemic era. Use our calendar and information to help plan and become even more effective.

Audience - Consumers
Whom We Serve - Consumers
Purchasing cannabis at retail is a dream come true - but work remains to be done.

Washington is the only adult-use state without mandatory pesticide testing of cannabis products. We're one of the only recreational states to not allow homegrowing of cannabis plants for personal use. Public consumption and social use remain prohibited. Cannabis policy matters, and our work helps the on-going push towards normalization.

Audience - Journalists
Whom We Serve - Journalists
We help a hard-pressed press cover cannabis policymaking in Washington state.

We've picked up the cannabis policymaking beat in Washington state as observers and journalists. We use the same tools and face the same challenges which are transforming journalism. We are a source for leads, and you can rely on us for the metadata to help you tell bigger stories.

Audience - Cannabis Testing Laboratories
Cannabis Testing Laboratories
Cannabis Testing Laboratories
Pass or fail, the labs need better data, too.

Accredited but not licensed by the State, testing laboratories are vital to the functioning of the Washington state regulated marketplace. Labs value our work tracking relevant WSLCB rulemaking and methodical progress at the Cannabis Science Task Force, where standard methods for cannabis labs are being defined.

Audience - Software Companies
Whom We Serve - Software Companies
Software Companies
Technology empowers, but it also disrupts.

In Washington state, technological disruption in the cannabis sector has been excessive, and seed-to-sale traceability vendors as well as third-party software integrators value our understanding of their challenges. We track the WSLCB Integrator Work Sessions and were instrumental in helping form the Traceability 2.0 work group. We're helping Washington state prepare for a future beyond first generation cannabis seed-to-sale providers.

Audience - Attorneys
Whom We Serve - Attorneys
Remand some of your case load to Cannabis Observer.

Attorneys value our close tracking and organization of cannabis policymaking information of importance for their clients. We've found Cannabis Observer's methods of tracking and witnessing governing processes are just as applicable in judicial contexts.

Audience - Investors
Whom We Serve - Investors
Prospect for profit in Washington state

Wealth is being redirected from legacy cannabis supply chains and generated anew in legal marketplaces - and that wealth is significant. Investors and financiers appreciate the timely information and perspective we provide on continually evolving regulated cannabis marketplaces. While Washington state remains closed to out-of-state owners, that will change - and we're tracking that movement.

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How We're Funded

Started in early 2018, Cannabis Observer is a self-funded organization. Since October 2018, our sponsors and donors voluntarily provide a foundation of recurring revenue to support Cannabis Observer's work. We do not accept advertising.



Our sponsors support Cannabis Observer on a recurring monthly basis via Patreon and other means of exchange.

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