Sponsors and donors voluntarily support Cannabis Observer's work. We do not charge for subscriptions or have a paywall, and we do not accept advertising. Our current goal is to secure $7,500 per month of recurring funding from organizations and people who benefit from our work.


Ways to Pay

Bank-to-Bank ACH Transfers 🏦 ➡️ 🏦

We use Aeropay to support reliable automated clearing house (ACH) transfers because they facilitate trusted payments for the cannabis sector around the country including retailers in Washington state. Select a monthly sponsorship and you'll be prompted to sign into your existing Aeropay account or create one for free then link your bank account to make secure, direct payments.

Powered by Aeropay

Credit, Debit, PayPal 💳

We use Patreon as our vendor to support credit and debit card payments as well as PayPal transactions. Select a monthly sponsorship level below and you'll be prompted to sign in or create your Patreon account.

However the credit card processors and Patreon charge steep fees, cumulatively taking around 12%, so we recommend using another payment method if possible.

Bill Pay 💸

If your bank supports Bill Pay or you'd like to setup direct ACH payments, contact us. There are often no fees on these transactions making them one of the better ways to ensure ALL of your contribution goes to supporting our work.

Check ✅

You can mail us physical checks in amounts and at a cadence of your choosing, a good choice if you'd like to setup an annual sponsorship in one lump sum. We're happy to send you an invoice for your records. Please make checks out to "Cannabis Observer" and mail to:

Cannabis Observer
2103 Harrison Ave NW Ste 2-453
Olympia, Washington 98502

Crypto 🪙

Cannabis Observer was initially funded with proceeds from the sale of Ethereum (ETH). You can send us ETH (or any compatible token) or Bitcoin (BTC) to the following addresses using your wallet of choice.

Ethereum: 0xbAADbB485011879C94E0d3d321c15Df5ECC2165f

Bitcoin: 1AuQh6r94s4Ac7YicmeCPAnZnAweXwFwha

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors support us on a recurring monthly basis and enjoy representation on the Cannabis Observer website. Sponsors at the Seedling level and above are granted access to our Slack workspace and can declare their support on this screen. We extend our thanks to Harvest, Ripening, and Flowering sponsors in our emails.

Harvest ($1000+)

Ripening ($500+)

Flowering ($250+)

Vegetative ($100+)

Tissue Culture ($50+)

Mitzi Vaughn

John Kingsbury

Narwhal Naturals

Seedling ($20+)

Our Donors

Our donors provide individual donations or gratuities to express their support. Donors enjoy representation on the Cannabis Observer website, including display of the logos of our top six lifetime donors.