Cannabis is Unique

Cannabis is a venerable plant whose contemporary potentials we are just beginning to understand. Cannabis is one of the most versatile and uniquely useful plants for all peoples.

There are many ways to talk about cannabis (medical, CBD, adult-use, hemp) and many ways to regulate it (pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, controlled substance, agricultural commodity).

At this time, newly regulated cannabis industries are governed by a shifting patchwork of statutory definitions implemented by entirely new regulatory regimes.

Regulated Cannabis Industries Are New

The regulation of cannabis industries and their products is jurisdiction-specific. In the United States, where prohibition remains in effect at the federal level, member states are laboratories of democracy with often radically different policies and approaches to regulation.

One trend is consistent across jurisdictions: constant and rapid regulatory innovation and change.

Cannabis Observer Organizes Distributed Teams to Observe Cannabis Regulation

Cannabis Observer empowers citizen observers with the knowledge and tools to make cannabis rulemaking more transparent and more accessible to more stakeholders.

We believe transparency is necessary for accountability.

And transparency is necessary for stakeholders to make the most of this unique and unprecedented circumstance.

Citizen Observers

Cannabis Observer is a team of independent citizen observers who are cannabis industry professionals, advocates, activists, academics, journalists, and technologists.  We are united in our love for the plant and are focused on Washington State.

Cannabis Observer is a project of Cannabis Data, an incubator for initiatives which serve the fresh flowering of humanity’s relationships with the plant Cannabis and its many cultivars (medical, adult-use, CBD, hemp).