Cannabis Observer is a team of citizen observers who are cannabis industry professionals, advocates, activists, academics, journalists, and technologists.  We are united in our love for the plant.

What We Do

We observe cannabis policymaking in Washington State and publish quality content describing what we see.  We organize public information, compose summaries, and share our observations with the public. We publish on our website and our email list as well as social and community channels.

Cannabis Observer began by consistently attending every public meeting of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB), the primary adult-use cannabis regulatory authority in Washington State. Our coverage has expanded to include the Washington State legislature and other regulatory bodies in the state.

Cannabis Observer is a project of Cannabis Data, an incubator for initiatives which serve the fresh flowering of humanity’s relationships with the plant Cannabis and its many cultivars (medical, adult-use, CBD, hemp).

In the Press

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