WSLCB - Executive Management Team
(September 16, 2020) - Initial Update

There was a lot to unpack in the WSLCB’s first Executive Management Team (EMT) meeting in seven months, but highlights include news that Enforcement Chief Justin Nordhorn would be transitioning to a new role, the Cannabis Regulators Association was formed, and the Marijuana Odor Task Force was unable to hire a consultant.

  • At the end of her agency update, Deputy Director Megan Duffy described Nordhorn’s upcoming transition to a new Director-level position overseeing Policy and Rules Manager Kathy Hoffman’s team and a yet to be formed policy outreach team (audio - 3m).
  • Director Rick Garza described the successful formation of the new Cannabis Regulators Association as an Oregon-based 501(c)6 non-profit emerging from 3.5 years of Regulators Roundtable meetings. Garza was cagey as to whether or not he was elected to the fledgling association’s executive leadership team (audio - 3m).
  • Board Chair Jane Rushford prompted Director of Legislative Relations Chris Thompson to divulge details about the agency’s unsuccessful RFP on behalf of the Marijuana Odor Task Force for a consultant to perform testing and produce reports (audio - 3m).
  • Access Cannabis Observer’s segmented audio and all rulemaking documents below. We’ll have more Observations to share in the coming days.

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