Cannabis Observer’s portfolio of products brings transparency to cannabis policymaking in Washington state. We keep you informed before change happens and enable intelligent engagement with legislative and regulatory processes which impact your businesses and lives.

The Week Ahead

Every Monday morning, we post summaries of cannabis-related legislative and regulatory events in “The Week Ahead.” Sign up to receive email notifications of upcoming events and link through to richer context and analysis on the website.


Cannabis Observer creates and maintains calendars of cannabis-related policymaking events at legislative and regulatory organizations. Visit each organization’s landing screen on our website to access embedded versions of their calendars and add them to your Google or Apple products.


Cannabis Observer’s summaries are insightful distillations and analyses of cannabis-related policymaking events including public meetings, work groups, legislative hearings, and press conferences. Our citizen observers usually attend events in person; record them as permitted by law and convention; gather associated public information; and condense sometimes very lengthy proceedings into three takeaways plus analysis for busy readers. Into every composition we write, we infuse our knowledge of the history of cannabis policymaking in Washington state, its legislative and regulatory processes, the inside players, and the outside games. We are writing the history and unfolding story of cannabis policymaking in Washington state.

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