WSLCB – Board Meeting
(Mar 21, 2018)

Here are some observations from the March 21st WSLCB Board Meeting.

My top 3 takeaways:

  • The WSLCB did not achieve quorum during last week’s meeting.  While the scheduled public hearings went ahead, the Board was unable to take action on two cannabis items: adjustment of Board Interim Policy on quarantine (Revised Interim Policy) + approval of the Supplemental CR-102 further clarifying retail license forfeiture rules.  The WSLCB posted an announcement stating that these items will be taken up at the next Board meeting (Apr 4).
  • During the packaging and labeling rules public hearing, TCA’s Julia Lee (transcript, audio) and TCA Board Member Nick Mosely (transcript, audio) presented testimony to the Board.  Mary Catherine McAleer presented complementary testimony on behalf of the Association of Washington Business (transcript, audio).  Four other speakers testified.
  • During general public comments, regulatory consultant Chris Marr announced: “I just wanted to let the Board know in the next few days I will be submitting a written request to the Board to undertake rulemaking to allow private labeling or sometimes called white labeling of cannabis products under WAC 314.55, utilizing the same regulatory structure that’s proposed for spirits. It’s similar to the approach contained in HB 2473 and SB 6172…” (transcript, audio).

Here are the shared documents for your review: