WA Senate LBRC - Committee Meeting
(February 6, 2020)

Thursday February 6, 2020 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
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The Washington State Senate Labor and Commerce Committee (WA Senate LBRC) considers issues relating to employment standards, industrial insurance, unemployment insurance and collective bargaining.  The committee also considers regulation of business and professions and has oversight of commerce issues relating to alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and gaming.

Executive Sessions

  • SB 6341 - "Requiring the liquor and cannabis board to provide written interpretations of liquor statutes and rules."
  • SB 6340 - "Preserving the ability of auto dealers to offer consumers products not supplied by an auto manufacturer."
  • SB 6286 - "Permitting athlete agents to provide some benefits to student athletes."
  • SB 6239 - "Addressing compliance with apprenticeship utilization requirements and bidding on public works projects."
  • SB 6393 - "Concerning cannabis industry workplace standards."
  • SB 6247 - "Providing labor protections for domestic workers."
  • SB 6122 - "Protecting temporary workers."
  • SB 6440 - "Concerning industrial insurance medical examinations."
  • SB 6605 - "Licensing security guards."
  • SB 6394 - "Authorizing sports wagering subject to the terms of tribal-state gaming compacts."

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Cherberg Building, 15th Avenue Southwest, Olympia, WA, USA

Senate Hearing Room 1