WA Senate LBRC - Committee Meeting
(January 28, 2020)

Tuesday January 28, 2020 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
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The Washington State Senate Labor and Commerce Committee (WA Senate LBRC) considers issues relating to employment standards, industrial insurance, unemployment insurance and collective bargaining.  The committee also considers regulation of business and professions and has oversight of commerce issues relating to alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and gaming.

Public Hearings

  1. SB 6235 - "Concerning exceptions to disqualification for unemployment insurance benefits when voluntarily leaving employment due to increases in job duties or changes in working conditions."
  2. SB 6234 - "Concerning the use of third parties by employers to dispute unemployment claims."
  3. SB 6440 - "Concerning industrial insurance medical examinations."
  4. SB 6552 - "Eliminating the three-day waiting period for receiving industrial insurance compensation."
  5. SB 6373 - "Allowing self-insurers to accept certain industrial insurance claims."
  6. SB 6372 - "Concerning structured settlements."

Executive Sessions

  1. SB 6053 - "Establishing wage liens."
  2. SB 6349 - "Concerning paid family and medical leave."
  3. SB 6057 - "Concerning price differentials in the sale of marijuana."

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Cherberg Building, 15th Avenue Southwest, Olympia, WA, USA