WA Senate WM - Committee Meeting
(February 28, 2020)

Friday February 28, 2020 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
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The Washington State Senate Ways and Means Committee (WA Senate WM) considers the operating and capital budget bills and related legislation, including the authorization of state debt.  The committee also deals with tax policy and other fiscal issues such as pension policy and compensation in addition to bills with operating budget fiscal impacts.

Public Hearings

  • HB 1622 - "Concerning drought preparedness and response."
  • HB 2528 - "Recognizing the contributions of the state's forest products sector as part of the state's global climate response."
  • HB 1293 - "Concerning the distribution of monetary penalties to local courts and state agencies paid for failure to comply with discover pass requirements."
  • HB 2749 - "Authorizing an extension of time for certain cities to decline to partner with the department of revenue for the issuance or renewal of general business licenses."
  • HB 1521 - "Providing for accountability and transparency in government contracting."
  • HB 1390 - "Providing a benefit increase to certain retirees of the public employees' retirement system plan 1 and the teachers' retirement system plan 1."
  • HB 2803 - "Authorizing the governor to enter into compacts with Indian tribes addressing certain state retail sales tax, certain state use tax, and certain state business and occupation tax revenues, as specified in a memorandum of understanding entered into by the state, Tulalip tribes, and Snohomish county, in January 2020, and including other terms necessary for the department of revenue to administer any such compact."
  • HB 2638 - "Authorizing sports wagering subject to the terms of tribal-state gaming compacts."
  • HB 2711 - "Increasing equitable educational outcomes for foster care and homeless children and youth from prekindergarten to postsecondary education."
  • HB 1201 - "Concerning the Washington national guard postsecondary education grant program."
  • HB 2542 - "Concerning tuition waivers for children of eligible veterans."
  • HB 2327 - "Addressing sexual misconduct at postsecondary educational institutions."
  • HB 2419 - "Studying barriers to the use of the Washington death with dignity act."
  • HB 2731 - (REVISED FOR ENGROSSED: "Reporting of information about diagnosed concussions of students sustained during athletics and other activities."). (If measure is referred to committee.)
  • HB 2311 - "Amending state greenhouse gas emission limits for consistency with the most recent assessment of climate change science."
  • HB 2601 - "Concerning the authority of the parks and recreation commission to approve leases."
  • HB 2645 - "Concerning the photovoltaic module stewardship and takeback program."
  • HB 2713 - "Encouraging compost procurement and use."
  • HB 2826 - "Clarifying the authority of the liquor and cannabis board to regulate marijuana vapor products." (added Feb 27, 2020 6:03pm)
  • HB 2384 - "Concerning the property tax exemption for nonprofit organizations providing rental housing or mobile home park spaces to qualifying households."
  • HB 2228 - "Permitting early deployment of state fire service resources."
  • HB 1783 - "Creating the Washington state office of equity."
  • HB 1888 - "Protecting employee information from public disclosure."

Possible Executive Sessions

  • SB 2017 - "Concerning collective bargaining for administrative law judges."
  • SB 2554 - "Mitigating inequity in the health insurance market caused by health plans that exclude certain mandated benefits."
  • HB 2691 - "Concerning the scope of collective bargaining for language access providers."
  • HB 2051 - "Concerning firefighters and law enforcement officers pension and disability boards."
  • HB 2458 - "Concerning optional benefits offered by school districts."
  • HB 2189 - "Including specified competency restoration workers at department of social and health services institutional and residential sites in the public safety employees retirement system."
  • HB 2340 - "Modifying the definition of index for the Washington state patrol retirement system."
  • SB 6654 - "Providing that qualified dealer cash incentives paid to auto dealers are bona fide discounts for purposes of the business and occupation tax."
  • SB 2625 - "Concerning local parks funding options."
  • HB 1347 - "Concerning vehicle reseller permits."
  • HB 1829 - "Concerning veterans' assistance levies."
  • HB 2352 - "Concerning the building for the arts program."
  • SB 6690 - "Concerning aerospace business and occupation taxes and world trade organization compliance."
  • SB 6172 - "Extending the business and occupation tax exemption for amounts received as credits against contracts with or funds provided by the Bonneville power administration and used for low-income ratepayer assistance and weatherization."
  • SB 6512 - "Providing housing to school district employees."

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