WSLCB - Webinar - Marijuana Infused Edibles Packaging and Labeling Rules
(December 18, 2018)

Tuesday December 18, 2018 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Observed
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A webinar outlining proposed changes and their impacts.

We believe the clarified approach to packaging, labeling and product approval requirements will benefit our licensees and improve compliance going forward. We appreciate the involvement and participation of the industry as we streamline and improve processes for marijuana infused edibles and their packages/labels.


Compliance and Policy Manager Nicola Reid and Susan Harrell, WSLCB Program Specialist for Product Approval, hosted a “Marijuana Infused Edibles Packaging and Labeling Rules” webinar on December 18th where they also fielded questions.

  • Presentation (audio – 16m, presentation)
  • Questions and Answers (audio – 30m)
  • Important Dates January 1, 2019 – “All new packages and labels must meet the requirements in WAC 314-55-105.”
  • January 1, 2020 (proposed date, not yet adopted by the Board) – “Changes due for all (new and previously approved) packaging and labeling. Must meet the requirements outlined in BIP 10-2018.”
  • Requests for changes to the palette of 16 approved packaging colors and 10 MIE shapes can be made by filling out a “Request for Change to Marijuana Infused Edible Approved Colors and Shapes” form, which was not available at publication time. Change requests will be reviewed quarterly beginning in March 2019.
  • WSLCB has recognized that BIP 10-2018 includes mention of a “cream” color which is not currently defined in the color palette.
  • The presentation (slide 17) and Reid indicated packaging and/or label backgrounds as well as text “must be either: white, cream, grey, black, tan or brown”. This guidance conflicts with the adopted language of BIP 10-2018, which specifies allowed combinations of background and text colors.
  • During the Q&A section of the webinar, Reid and Harrell did their best to field the “literally hundreds of questions coming in” from attendees. The slidedeck states and the presenters confirmed “All questions not answered will be answered in writing, and emailed to all attendees along with a link to the recorded webinar.”
  • WSLCB intends to update the Packaging and Labeling Resources section of their website by the first week in January.
  • The final bullet of the final slide of the webinar presentation states: ‘Additional information about the definition of “Therapeutic” and “Curative” and homogenization coming in January 2019.’ That’s a reference to BIP 08-2018 and BIP 09-2018, two additional interim policies held back by the Board before the last board meeting. These interim policies may be presented for adoption at the Board’s next meeting in Spokane on January 9th.