WA House APP – Committee Meeting
(February 10, 2020)

February 10, 2020 1:30 pm

The Washington State House Appropriations Committee (WA House APP) considers the operating budget bill and related legislation, budget processes, and fiscal issues such as pension policy and compensation. The committee also considers bills with operating budget fiscal impacts.

Public Hearings

  • HB 2493 – “Concerning captive insurance and independently procured commercial insurance.”
  • HB 2662 – “Reducing the total cost of insulin.”
  • HB 1084 – “Concerning unfair practices involving compensation of athletes in higher education.”
  • HB 2248 – “Expanding equitable access to the benefits of renewable energy through community solar projects.”
  • HB 2511 – “Providing labor protections for domestic workers.”
  • HB 2518 – “Concerning the safe and efficient transmission and distribution of natural gas.”
  • HB 2570 – “Managing growth by planning and zoning for accessory dwelling units.”
  • HB 2793 – “Vacating criminal records.”
  • HB 2681 – “Preventing harassment, abuse, and discrimination experienced by long-term care workers.”
  • HB 2873 – “Concerning families in conflict.”
  • HB 2656 – “Reducing waste associated with single-use food service products.”
  • HB 2713 – “Encouraging compost procurement and use.”
  • HB 2906 – “Concerning the use of radio collars on gray wolves by the department of fish and wildlife.”
  • HB 2583 – “Ensuring student transportation for students in out-of-home placements.”
  • HB 2619 – “Increasing early learning access through licensing, eligibility, and rate improvements.”
  • HB 2637 – “Expanding school library information and technology programs.”
  • HB 2660 – “Increasing the availability of school meals provided to public school students at no student cost.”
  • HB 2787 – “Completing the transfer of the early support for infants and toddlers program from the office of the superintendent of public instruction to the department of children, youth, and families.”
  • HB 1860 – “Taking action to address lead in drinking water in schools.”
  • HB 2426 – “Protecting patient safety in psychiatric hospitals and other health care facilities.”
  • HB 2870“Allowing additional marijuana retail licenses for social equity purposes.”
  • HB 1888 – “Protecting employee information from public disclosure.”
  • HB 2646 – “Reducing work-related musculoskeletal disorders in the health care sector.”
  • HB 2758 – “Recognizing posttraumatic stress disorders of 911 emergency dispatch personnel.”
  • HB 2642 – “Removing health coverage barriers to accessing substance use disorder treatment services.”
  • HB 2171 – “Concerning vested vacation or paid time off upon an employee’s termination.”
  • HB 2239 – “Prohibiting unjustified employer searches of employee personal vehicles.”
  • HB 2409 – “Concerning industrial insurance employer penalties, duties, and the licensing of third-party administrators.”
  • HB 2575 – “Concerning reforms to increase transparency and accountability of the Washington redistricting commission.”
  • HB 2875 – “Creating license review and reporting requirements.”

Executive Sessions

  • HB 1738 – “Relieving burdens on small businesses by updating the tax return filing thresholds to reflect inflation.”
  • HB 1775 – “Protecting commercially sexually exploited children.”
  • HB 2036 – “Concerning health system transparency.”
  • HB 2303 – “Concerning professional licensing requirements for service members and military spouses.”
  • HB 2308 – “Requiring employers to periodically report standard occupational classifications or job titles of workers.”
  • HB 2338 – “Prohibiting discrimination in health care coverage.”
  • HB 2356 – “Reducing barriers to professional licensure for individuals with previous criminal convictions.”
  • HB 2388 – “Standardizing definitions of homelessness to improve access to services.”
  • HB 2396 – “Concerning the regulation of bot communication on public-facing internet web sites.”
  • HB 2455 – “Supporting access to child care for parents who are attending high school or working toward completion of a high school equivalency certificate.”
  • HB 2457 – “Establishing the health care cost transparency board.”
  • HB 2469 – “Concerning small works rosters.”
  • HB 2513 – “Prohibiting the practice of transcript withholding and limiting the practice of registration holds at institutions of higher education as debt collection practices.”
  • HB 2528 – “Recognizing the contributions of the state’s forest products sector as part of the state’s global climate response.”
  • HB 2550 – “Establishing net ecological gain as a policy for application across identified land use, development, and environmental laws.”
  • HB 2554 – “Mitigating inequity in the health insurance market caused by health plans that exclude certain mandated benefits.”
  • HB 2555 – “Concerning background check requirements for firearms classified as other under federal firearms laws.”
  • HB 2577 – “Concerning agency responsibilities to regulated businesses and professions.”
  • HB 2714 – “Valuing the carbon in forest riparian easements.”
  • HB 2737 – “Updating the children’s mental health work group.”
  • HB 2763 – “Concerning interest arbitration for department of corrections employees.”
  • HB 2864 – “Establishing a running start summer school pilot program.

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