WA House PS - Committee Meeting
(February 25, 2020)

Tuesday February 25, 2020 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
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The Washington State House Public Safety Committee (WA House PS) considers issues relating to law enforcement agencies, crime prevention, criminal penalties and sentencing, impaired driving, registration and civil commitment of sex offenders, and adult correctional programs and institutions.‚Äč

Public Hearings

  • SB 5291 - "Creating alternatives to total confinement for certain qualifying persons with minor children."
  • SB 5488 - "Modifying youth sentencing guidelines." (If measure is referred to committee.)
  • SB 5867 - "Resentencing of persons convicted of drug offenses."
  • SB 6164 - "Concerning prosecutorial discretion to seek resentencing." (If measure is referred to committee.)
  • SB 6300 - "Concerning animal welfare." (If measure is referred to committee.)
  • SB 6476 - "Increasing and expanding access of inmates and immediate family members of inmates to services provided within correctional facilities." (If measure is referred to committee.)

Possible Executive Sessions

  • SB 5149 - "Concerning electronic monitoring with victim notification technology."
  • SB 5441 - "Extending rental vouchers for eligible offenders."
  • SB 6158 - "Concerning model sexual assault protocols for hospitals and clinics."

Engagement Options


O'Brien Building, 15th Avenue Southwest, Olympia, WA, USA