WA Senate HLTC - Committee Meeting
(February 3, 2020)

Monday February 3, 2020 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
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The Washington State Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee (WA Senate HLTC) considers issues relating to health care services, long-term care, and developmental disabilities.  The committee has oversight of the licensing and regulation of health care facilities and professions as well as pharmacies and pharmaceutical drugs.  The committee deals with the financing of healthcare including private insurance and programs such as Medicaid and public employee benefits, as well as public health issues.  The committee also considers behavioral health matters including mental health treatment, involuntary treatment, and children's mental health.

Public Hearings

  1. SB 6359 - "Creating regulation exemptions for rural health clinics providing services in a designated home health shortage area."
  2. SB 6400 - "Mitigating inequity in the health insurance market caused by health plans that exclude certain mandated benefits."
  3. SB 6538 - "Prohibiting survey data in nursing licensure."
  4. SB 6551 - "Integrating international medical graduates into Washington's health care delivery system."
  5. SB 6637 - "Licensing wilderness therapy."

Executive Sessions

  1. SB 5601 - "Concerning health care benefit management."
  2. SB 6097 - "Requiring the insurance commissioner to review a health carrier's surplus levels as part of its rate filing review process."
  3. SB 6205 - "Preventing harassment, abuse, and discrimination experienced by long-term care workers."
  4. SB 6254 - "Protecting public health and safety by enhancing the regulation of vapor products."
  5. SB 6267 - "Modifying the long-term services and supports trust program by clarifying the ability for individuals with existing long-term care insurance to opt-out of the premium assessment and making technical corrections."
  6. SB 6413 - "Establishing the primary care collaborative."
  7. SB 6416 - "Providing telehealth services to schools."
  8. SB 6486 - "Expanding medicaid coverage for individuals with a rare disease."
  9. SB 6515 - "Adjusting the medicaid payment methodology for skilled nursing facilities."
  10. SB 6526 - "Reusing and donating unexpired prescription drugs."

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