SBOH - Board Meeting
(January 8, 2020) - VALI - Kathy Lofy

The Board reviewed the latest information on vapor associated lung injuries (VALI).

  • Kathy Lofy, Department of Health (DOH) State Health Officer and Chief Science Officer, reported on vaping-associated lung injuries (VALI) at the federal and state level (audio - 6m).
  • Lofy said federal health officials had been confident that vitamin E acetate was the primary compound of concern and “that association still stands” following several control tests. Lofy reported federal officials were now conducting VALI tests on animals.
  • Of 2,561 cases nationwide at the end of December 2019, 13% had reported vaping using products without tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). By contrast, Lofy confirmed that in Washington state, nearly 43% of cases were said to be from non-THC vape items.
  • Lofy noted that Tobacco 21 legislation became law at the state and federal levels (audio - 1m) while vape regulation was DOH’s 2nd legislative priority for 2020 (audio - 2m). Governor Jay Inslee’s proposed supplemental budget included one million dollars for reducing tobacco and vape use and “some money” dedicated to regulation (audio - 2m).