WA House COG - Committee Meeting
(February 25, 2020) - SB 6206 - Executive Session

SB 6206 was advanced during the WA House COG’s Tuesday February 25th committee meeting.

  • Prior to voting on SB 6206 lawmakers shared remarks on the bill.
    • Chair Strom Peterson said members had “seen this one before” in the form of HB 2359 and designated the legislation “a very important bill, however, that our burgeoning cannabis industry entrepreneurs have a chance at opening up their businesses in a timely manner” (audio - <1m, video).
    • Representative Brandon Vick, sponsor of HB 2359, called SB 6206 “obviously a good piece of legislation that helps the business owners really participate fully in the process” of licensing and siting of their retail stores (audio - 1m, video).
  • The Committee voted unanimously to advance SB 6206, with Vice Chair Shelly Kloba and Assistant Ranking Member Kelly Chambers excused. The bill was referred to the House Rules Committee (audio - <1, video).