WA House COG - Committee Meeting
(February 14, 2019) - Executive Sessions

The Washington State House Commerce and Gaming Committee (WA House COG) moved Substitute House Bill 1794 out of committee with a “do pass” recommendation, but did not take action on HB 1236 or HB 1466.

  • HB 1794 – “Concerning agreements between licensed marijuana businesses and other people and businesses, including royalty and licensing agreements relating to the use of intellectual property” (video @ 51:10).
    • The committee had previously hosted a public hearing for HB 1794 on February 7th.
    • During the scheduled executive session, the committee adopted an amendment brought by the bill’s sponsor, Chair Derek Stanford, to “take care of some concerns of the LCB” with the approval of “the proponents of the bill.”
      • Agreements between licensees and other parties must still be disclosed to WSLCB.
      • Royalty fees for other parties may not exceed 10% of “gross sales derived from the sale of each product that includes the intellectual property or was manufactured using the licensed intellectual property or service.”
      • A non-licensed party in an authorized agreement doesn’t have to qualify for the requirements of a cannabis license.
  • HB 1236 “Concerning the ability of business and nonprofit entities to obtain a marijuana license.”
  • HB 1466 “Banning marijuana billboards.”
    • The committee had previously hosted a public hearing for HB 1466 on February 5th and had not addressed the bill during two subsequently scheduled executive sessions.
    • Once again, the bill was scheduled for executive session but no action was taken.