WA Senate LAW - Committee Meeting
(February 14, 2019) - SB 5605 - Executive Session

The Washington State Senate Law and Justice Committee (WA Senate LAW) rejected an effort to amend SB 5605 before passing it to the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

  • SB 5605 - "Concerning misdemeanor marijuana offense convictions" (video @ 2:45).
  • The committee previously hosted a public hearing for SB 5605 on February 12th.
  • An amendment was offered by Senator Mike Padden that “Requires that applications for vacation of a person’s record under this act must be submitted within one year of the effective date if the conviction occurred before the date, or within a year of conviction if it occurred after the effective date. Limits such vacations if the applicant has previously received two vacations for such a conviction.” Senator Jeff Holy spoke in favor of the amendment, but it was not adopted following objections raised by Chair Jamie Pedersen (video @ 9:01).
  • SB 5605 was the companion bill to HB 1500. After the adoption of Substitute HB 1500, the language of the two bills diverged.