The Week Ahead
(July 16, 2019)

The MJ Freeway Leaf 1.37.5 release and data migration were implemented plus new details on this week’s planned public meetings.

It’s already been a busy week. Here is additional information to supplement our earlier observations of the week ahead.

At this early hour, it appears that version 1.37.5 of MJ Freeway’s Leaf Data Systems is deployed and operational. While I am a member of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board’s Traceability Advisory Committee and sit in on the Integrator Work Sessions, I am not a licensee or an approved third-party software provider. I am not authorized to sign into the traceability system directly but independently verified that the planned maintenance warning screen has been taken down and sign-ins to are active. From my external perspective, I am unable to verify which version of MJ Freeway’s Leaf Data Systems is now deployed. It doesn’t appear there were any communications from the agency or the vendor about their Go/No Go decision, communications promised for late last night. Much thanks to Cannabis Observer subscriber Bruce Bjorklund, Founder and CEO of supply-side software provider Hyxus, for verifying the Leaf deployment is active and incorporates 1.37.5’s changes.

Monday July 15th

  • Leaf Revision and Data Migration Completed.

Tuesday July 16th

  • 10am – WSLCB Board Caucus [ agenda ]
  • 3:30pm – Integrator “Post Go-Live Check-In Call”. We’ll find out more of the story about the Leaf deployment later today.

Wednesday July 17th

  • 10am – WSLCB Special Board Meeting [ agenda, handouts ]
    • Location: Capitol Campus, Cherberg Building, Hearing Room 2 [ announcement ]
  • 1:30pm – WSLCB Cannabis Advisory Council [ agenda ]
    • Location: WSLCB HQ, 1025 Union Ave SE, Olympia, WA [ directions ]
    • Yesterday, we mentioned there have been changes in the membership of the Cannabis Advisory Council:

Thursday July 18th

  • 10am – WSLCB Traceability Advisory Committee

Friday July 19th