The Week Ahead
(May 13, 2019)

The Governor is scheduled to sign five cannabis-related bills today.

Here’s a look at the week ahead.

Plants at Puffin Farm by @ginga_og

TODAY: On Monday May 13th at 3:30pm PT @ the Governor’s Conference Room, five out of six remaining cannabis-related bills are scheduled for signing (bill action notice).

  • HB 1792 – “Concerning criminal penalties applicable to licensed marijuana retailers and employees of marijuana retail outlets.”
  • HB 1794 – “Concerning agreements between licensed marijuana businesses and other people and businesses, including royalty and licensing agreements relating to the use of intellectual property.”
  • SB 5298 – “Regarding labeling of marijuana products.”
  • SB 5318 – “Reforming the compliance and enforcement provisions for marijuana licensees.”
  • SB 5605 – “Concerning misdemeanor marijuana offense convictions.”

Thank you to the Washington SunGrowers Industry Association (WSIA) lobbyist for pointing Cannabis Observer to the notice about today’s bill signing available on the Governor’s Bill Action screen.

TUESDAY: On Tuesday May 14th, the weekly WSLCB Board Caucus has been canceled.

WEDNESDAY: On Wednesday May 15th at 10am PT @ WSLCB, the bi-weekly Board Meeting recurs.

On Wednesday at 1:30pm PT @ WSLCB, the three-member Board and agency leadership convene their Executive Management Team meeting, currently on a bi-weekly cadence.