The Week Ahead
(April 22, 2019)

Sine Die + WSLCB Tribal Advisory Council

Here’s a look at the week ahead.

MONDAY: This week is it for the regular legislative session. If you’d like, you can review Cannabis Observer’s Friday morning legislative update for information that is largely current as of Monday morning – with exceptions (of course).

Here’s one to watch: SB 5605, the bill to vacate misdemeanor marijuana possession convictions. On Friday April 19th, the Senate refused to concur with the striking amendment introduced by the House Appropriations Committee and adopted by the chamber on April 16th. The House amendment would expand the impact of the Senate bill considerably.
The original bill references the “Possession of forty grams or less of marijuana” state statute RCW 69.50.4014:

The House amendment adds references to two predecessor statutes to push the start date for coverage from 2004 back to May 21, 1971 – plus “any offense under an equivalent municipal ordinance.

The Senate has asked the House to recede from its amendment.

Cannabis Observer will pay attention to this and all other Cannabis-related bills this week. We’ll share a legislative update on Friday.

TUESDAY: On Tuesday at 10am PT @ WSLCB, the weekly Board Caucus recurs and Cannabis Observer will be there.

WEDNESDAY: On Wednesday at 1pm @ the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort, the WSLCB Tribal Advisory Council meets to discuss cannabis policy.

WSLCB Board Member Russ Hauge is the board sponsor for the council. He’ll be joined by WSLCB Tribal Liaison and Policy Analyst Brett Cain, Cannabis Policy and Rules Coordinator Kathy Hoffman, and Director of Legislative Relations Chris Thompson (draft agenda, agenda at publication time).

The Department of Health (DOH) will be represented by Shelly Rowden, the Medical Marijuana Program Manager.

The members of the Tribal Advisory Council were not listed on the agenda available at publication time.

The WSLCB Executive Management Team meeting is canceled.

THURSDAY: On Thursday at 10am PT @ WSLCB and remote, the bi-weekly Marijuana Traceability Project (MTP) Integrators meeting recurs where third-party software providers, MJ Freeway, and WSLCB staff confer.

SUNDAY: Sunday is the last day allowed for regular session under the state constitution. The Senate planned to caucus through Sunday, all the way to sine die, while the House scheduled Saturday and Sunday for “possible session/caucus.”