WSLCB - Board Meeting
(November 28, 2018) - Summary

Rulemaking opened for required retailer signage, draft language was approved for vapor products rules, and a cannabis retailer asked for help.

Here are some observations from the November 28th WSLCB Board Meeting.

My top takeaways:

  • WSLCB board members approved the initiation of rulemaking for changes in required signage at cannabis retailers (audiovideonotice, issue paper, CR-101).
    • Policy and Rules Coordinator Kathy Hoffman explained that recent changes to notifications for pregnant customers on packaging and labeling necessitate similar updates to posted signage.
    • WSLCB is accepting comments at or during the general public comment period at board meetings. The written comment period for the CR-101 ends January 16, 2019.
  • The Board approved the draft language of the CR-102 for Vapor Products Rules (audio, videonotice, issue paper, CR-102).
    • Building on the statutory framework for vapor products approved by the legislature in 2016 and implemented by WSLCB later that year, the agency has undertaken a new round of rulemaking on a variety of areas including:
      • True party of interest vetting,
      • A vapor distribution tier,
      • A public safety violation framework which prohibits “Possession of, sale, or offer for sale [of] CBD vapor products or vapor products containing a cannabidiol.”
    • The written comment period for the CR-102 ends January 9, 2019.
  • Jim Sulton, co-owner of retailer A Bud and Leaf, and a member of the WSLCB’s minority-owned business workgroup, asked the Board to help his business relocate (audio, video).
    • Sulton informed the Board of a letter he sent requesting changes in the 1000 foot distance requirements for retail zoning. He also asked for a deadline extension on the relocation of his store which closed its doors earlier this year after their lease was terminated.
    • Board Chair Jane Rushford noted that changes in some distance requirements are beyond the agency’s statutory authority.