WSLCB - Executive Management Team
(May 2, 2018) - Summary

A legislative discussion was followed by a talk about increased collaboration with law enforcement against the illicit cannabis market before the Board considered speculation on oversupply of legal cannabis.

Here are some observations from the May 2nd WSLCB Executive Management Team meeting.

My top 3 takeaways:

  • WSLCB Director of Legislative Affairs Chris Thompson visited with the Executive Management Team (transcript, audio).
    • He briefed the Team on the process and timeline for agency request legislation: how the WSLCB presents proposals for activity during the next legislative session to the Governor’s Office.
    • WSLCB Chair Jane Rushford then asked for an update on WSLCB’s interim study on home delivery to medical patients, initiating an interesting discussion.  It appears WSLCB wants to take steps to include patients as stakeholders in the study.  WSLCB Member Russ Hauge volunteered to be the primary point of contact on the Board for the study (transcript, audio).
  • WSLCB Chief of Enforcement Justin Nordhorn shared an update on progress towards increased collaboration with the Washington State Patrol on enforcement actions against illicit market activity (mentioning potential ties to the regulated marketplace), financial crimes, and hidden ownership (transcript, audio).
  • WSLCB Director Rick Garza discussed his experience speaking at the Central Washington University (CWU) Cannabis Caucus and his favorable impression of a theory on oversupply put forward by the CWU Dean of Economics.  Member Hauge suggested the WSLCB invite the Dean or other state university economics experts to coach the Board on economics and market theories (transcript, audio).

Follow Up (May 11, 2018)

Here are some documents from last Wednesday’s WSLCB Executive Management Team meeting (May 2) obtained via public record requests.