WSLCB - Board Caucus
(May 1, 2018) - Summary

The Policy and Rules Coordinator offered a look ahead at rulemaking actions and a recently received petition, and the Board will hear a presentation on opening up the agency's cannabis research collection.

Here are some observations from the May 1st WSLCB Board Caucus which was a relatively short one.

My top 3 takeaways:

  • WSLCB Policy and Rules Coordinator, Joanna Eide prepared the board for Wednesday’s Board Meeting (May 2) where she will bring them the final CR-103 for packaging and labeling rules with no additional changes to the draft as well as a Board Interim Policy. Joanna once again acknowledged some of the expressed concerns that were left unresolved such as potency labeling (transcript, audio).
    • The Board Interim Policy provides some flexibility in implementation of the new packaging and labeling rules. There have been conversations with Enforcement for clarity about this period. In summary: during the interim policy, licensees may use either the old (current) rules, or the new (proposed) rules, but they must use all of one set of rules. They cannot use a mix between the two. The only exception from this is the optional information (UBI, harvest date, best by date, manufacture date) which licensees may choose to include, or not, under either set of rules (Board Interim Policy).
  • Policy and Rules Coordinator Joanna Eide will be providing the Board with information regarding Chris Marr’s petition for rulemaking for private label Cannabis at EMT next Wednesday (transcript, audio).
  • WSLCB Research Consultant Trecia Ehrlich has proposed making her Cannabis research collection more widely available, and has asked to present her proposal at an upcoming Board Caucus. (transcript, audio).