SBOH - Health Promotion Committee
(May 19, 2020) - Vitamin E Acetate Prohibition

Staff provided a very brief rulemaking update to remind board members present about the second emergency rulemaking to ban vitamin E acetate from vapor products and the more recent initiation of formal rulemaking to more permanent affect.

  • The Washington State Board of Health (SBOH) last convened remotely on April 8th. During the March 11th Board Meeting, members reimplemented emergency rules banning the use of vitamin E acetate in vapor products.
  • SBOH Policy Advisor Samantha Pskowski addressed the three board members present during a brief rulemaking update (audio < 1m).
  • Pskowski indicated the agency had, at the Board's request, filed a CR-101 on May 9th opening formal rulemaking to implement a more permanent ban on the use of vitamin E acetate in vapor products.
    • At publication time, it remained unclear if the SBOH intended for their rulemaking project to impact cannabis vapor products and/or if agency staff planned to collaborate with the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) on a directly related rulemaking.

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