WA Governor - Bill Action
(May 13, 2019) - SB 5298

SB 5298 – “Regarding labeling of marijuana products.”

  • See Cannabis Observer’s summaries of SB 5298's committee report cutoff, opposite house cutoff, and sine die cutoff.
  • On Monday May 13th, Governor Inslee signed the bill. It joins Chapter 393 of the 2019 Session Laws with an effective date of January 1st, 2020. See the signing ceremony’s official photo and read the Bill as Passed Legislature and the Final Bill Report.
  • The Governor said the bill “allows additional information on labels of marijuana products” to enable product differentiation. He expressed gratitude to the bill’s backers, Senator Ann Rivers and Representative Sharon Wylie. Though neither sponsor attended, both Keiser and Stanford watched the signing (video).
  • The law’s distant effective date (January 1st, 2020) aligns with the effective date for WSLCB’s latest round of packaging and labeling rule changes.
  • WSLCB’s fiscal note projected no budget impact.