WA Governor - Bill Action
(April 30, 2019) - HB 1095

HB 1095 – “Concerning the administration of marijuana to students for medical purposes.”

  • See Cannabis Observer’s summaries of the committee report cutoff, opposite house cutoff, and sine die cutoff.
  • On Friday April 26th, the bill was delivered to the Governor. Read the Bill as Passed Legislature.
  • On Tuesday April 30th, Governor Inslee signed the bill. It joins Chapter 204 of the 2019 Session Laws with an effective date of July 28th.
  • Oh, we got another one here,” Inslee said as he realized he was signing back-to-back cannabis bills sponsored by Representative Blake. Inslee remarked that “currently, children who need medical marijuana for such reasons as seizures or intractable pain for instance, have to leave school to take it, thus missing valuable education time. Under this bill, school districts must adopt policies, if requested, to allow parents or guardians” to administer cannabis concentrates for their children. After signing the bill into law, Inslee told Blake he was “rackin’ ‘em up” (video).
  • See the ceremony’s official photos.