WA Legislature - Update
(March 31, 2023)

WA Legislature - Update (March 31, 2023) - Takeaways

As fiscal committees focused on legislation from the opposite chamber, representatives considered the social equity bill on Thursday and planned to review the revised THC bill Friday.

Here are some observations of the Washington State Legislature (WA Legislature) for Friday March 31st, the 82nd day of the 2023 Regular Session.

My top 3 takeaways:

  • Also on Thursday, the Washington State Senate Rules Committee (WA Senate RULE) agreed to calendar HB 1066, a bill making technical changes to statute which included cannabis provisions.
    • The legislation was included in a set of regular package pulls compiled by committee leadership.
    • According to the bill report by the Washington State Senate Law and Justice Committee (WA Senate LAW), the legislation ‘replaces instances of the word "marijuana" with "cannabis," in accordance with 2022 legislation, in statutes related to criminal procedure, long-term care worker screening, and business and occupation tax.’