WA Senate LBRC - Work Session
(November 30, 2020) - In Brief

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State and local officials as well as cannabis industry stakeholders discussed the Social Equity in Cannabis Task Force, excise taxes on medical marijuana, and a cannabis research commission.

  • Committee Chair Karen Keiser stated that she planned to sponsor medical cannabis legislation to reduce or remove the excise tax for patients during a presentation on medical cannabis by SMJ Consulting Founder Mary Brown (audio - 5m, video) and patient advocate Lukas Barfield (audio - 4m, video).
  • Lara Kaminsky, representing The Cannabis Alliance told lawmakers the group planned to lobby for a revised commodity commission bill to create a Producer-funded organization to pursue cannabis research (audio - 3m, video). The move was supported by Alan Schreiber, executive director of two existing agriculture commissions (audio - 4m, video).

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