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Cannabis Observer is one of the most interesting, useful and forward thinking projects I've thus far encountered in the cannabis industry. They have correctly identified an obvious deficiency in our system of government and regulation, the ability for regular people to have an ongoing and transparent understanding of what is going on in our industry. It's a model that has applications beyond cannabis regulation.

Some of the main benefits for me personally and why I support their work and encourage everyone else in the industry to do so:

* Provides a valuable connection with the staff and board members at the LCB. The relationships Greg and his team have made are valuable to us all.

* Oversight and understanding of the complex, fast changing, and generally opaque legislative process. Their summaries, calendars, and links to useful information have become a critical component of my work at the legislature. A fantastic model to examine for other areas of policy and industries.

* We have an ongoing, known and present resource for oversight. The public employees and representatives know this and I believe have improved in the way they engage with us as an industry as a result. 

I would highly encourage anyone who is invested in the future of the cannabis industry to support the work that Cannabis Observer is doing. It's an essential service that we all depend on, even if you don't directly engage with it all that much, it better prepares those who represent your interests in that work.

-- Micah Sherman, Co-Owner and Operations Director

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