WA Legislature - Opposite House Cutoff
(April 15, 2019) - HB 1792

On Monday April 15th, the Senate called HB 1792 up for its second reading allowing floor amendments to be proposed, debated, and voted upon.

  • HB 1792 – “Concerning criminal penalties applicable to licensed marijuana retailers and employees of marijuana retail outlets” (video).
  • See Cannabis Observer’s committee report cutoff summary.
    • 1792 AMS KUDE S3659.1 from Senator Patty Kuderer was adopted and incorporated the following changes:
      • Removes the criminal penalty (misdemeanor) for a licensed marijuana retailer or employee of a retail outlet that allows a person under the age of twenty-one years to enter or remain on the premises of the retail outlet.
    • Another amendment, 1792 AMS PADD S3658.1, from Senator Mike Padden was not adopted. The amendment:
      • Makes it a felony for an employee of a retail outlet to sell marijuana to an unauthorized person under the age of 21 who is a resident of a state where the sale of marijuana for recreational use is not legal.
  • After amending, Senate rules were suspended to jump to the legislation’s third reading and vote. HB 1792 was passed by the Senate with 28 yeas, 17 nays, and four absent or excused. Read the final Senate Bill Report and the updated House Bill Report.
  • The bill will be returned to its house of origin for concurrence, dispute, or conference.

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