WA House APP - Committee Meeting
(April 8, 2019) - SB 5318

On April 8th, the House Appropriations Committee hosted a public hearing for SB 5318.

  • SB 5318 - "Reforming the compliance and enforcement provisions for marijuana licensees" (audio – 9m, video).
    • The committee heard supportive testimony from Vicki Christophersen of the Washington CannaBusiness Association (WACA).
    • Arne Nelson, co-founder of Evergreen Market, called for changes to “strengthen” WSLCB’s enforcement powers against fraud or false statements regarding ownership.
  • During executive session later the same day, the committee was briefed on three bill amendments (audio – 4m, video) and adopted two (audio – 5m, video).
    • Representative Gerry Pollet withdrew amendment 5318-S.E AMH APP CLOD 047 regarding penalties for providing false information, violations where a licensee received prior warnings, and other circumstances.
    • Pollet’s amendment 5318-S.E AMH APP CLOD 049 was adopted by voice vote and had the following effects:
      • Eliminates the provision that information obtained by the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) as a result of licensee-requested consultation and training services is confidential and not subject to public inspection under the Public Records Act (chapter 42.56 RCW). Adds a provision that valuable formulae or financial or proprietary commercial information records received during a consultative visit, or while providing consultative services, are not subject to inspection pursuant to the Public Records Act. Adds a parallel reference to this new exemption in the Public Records Act.
    • Representative Drew MacEwen’s amendment 5318-S.E AMH APP H2691.2 was also passed and had the following effects:
      • Adds the word “intentional” to the provisions related to a violation involving the furnishing of marijuana product to minors, so furnishing of marijuana product to minors must be intentional for the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) to issue a marijuana licensee a civil penalty without first issuing a notice of correction, cancel a license for a single violation, or consider violations that occurred more than two years prior as grounds for license denial, suspension, revocation, cancellation, or nonrenewal.
  • The amended bill was passed by voice vote and referred to the House Rules Committee with a “do pass” recommendation.