WA House APP - Committee Meeting
(April 8, 2019) - SB 5276

On April 8th, the House Appropriations Committee hosted a public hearing and executive session for SB 5276.

(audio – 5m, video).

  • Jim Jesernig, with the law firm Lane Powell, argued the bill was an important way for Washington to reap the economic benefits of the hemp market other states were already leading on (audio – 5m, video).
  • During executive session on the same day, the committee was briefed on two amendments (audio – 1m, video), adopted both, and moved the amended bill out of committee with a “do pass” recommendation (audio – 3m, video).
    • Representative Derek Stanford presented 5276-S2.E AMH APP CLOD 050, a “clarifying amendment” with the following effects on the bill:
      • Limits authorized hemp food products produced under the new commercial hemp program to those hemp food products that are allowable under federal law. Restores the prohibition in the existing Industrial Hemp Research Program on processing any part of industrial hemp, except seed, as food, extract, oil, cake, concentrate, resin, or other preparation for topical use, oral consumption, or inhalation by humans, while adding an exception for when these activities are allowed under federal law.
    • The committee also adopted amendment 5276-S2.E AMH APP FRAS 999, a “null and void” amendment from Committee Chair Ormsby.
      • The WSDA’s fiscal note on the legislation “[anticipated] an expenditure impact of $212,300 for FY20; including rulemaking and Attorney General costs associated with rulemaking necessary to implement the proposed changes. The WSDA anticipates an annual expenditure impact of $206,300 for FY21 and ongoing for salary/benefits and associates cost.”
  • The bill was passed by voice vote following supportive comments from MacEwen and Stanford on agricultural opportunities for the state afforded by HB 5276.
  • The House version of the hemp bill, HB 1401, was the only cannabis-related bill which did not advance after passing the house of origin cutoff.