The Week Ahead
(December 30, 2019)

On Thursday, software integrators will learn about WSLCB’s resolutions for the new year as regards traceability vendor MJ Freeway of Akerna.

Here’s a look at cannabis-related policymaking events on Cannabis Observer’s calendars in the week ahead.

Thursday January 2nd

On Thursday at 10am PT, the monthly Marijuana Traceability Project (MTP) Integrator Work Session was scheduled to recur.

  • The third-party software providers last convened with the State on December 19th, the day before the WSLCB’s 10th contract amendment with MJ Freeway was set to expire. Like the 8th and 9th amendments, the last amendment pushed the contract expiration date further out while restricting the seed-to-sale traceability vendor “to performing additional stabilization of the System and routine and/or needed Corrections, if any, specific to Release 1.37.5.” Release 1.37.5 was finally launched in mid-July after repeatedly missing its November 2018 release date, and not without some difficulty for all involved. Thursday’s Integrator Work Session will feature discussion about the new contract amendment.
  • It’s Cannabis Observer’s understanding that the new amendment is the result of substantial deliberation between the State and MJ Freeway. While the need for “additional stabilization” has been discussed since July, very little code---if any---in Leaf Data Systems has actually been changed. This reflects a lack of confidence from the State, third party software Integrators, and licensees in the capacity of MJ Freeway to execute changes without disruption or failure of Leaf Data Systems, the vendor’s central point of control which enables coordination of Washington’s regulated cannabis marketplace. At publication time, it was not clear if the State would undertake a new software release with MJ Freeway, or further extend the contract to allow WSLCB’s Cannabis 2.0 and Traceability 2.0 efforts to come to fruition.
  • In related news, former Washington state traceability vendor BioTrackTHC was forced to bow out of its contract with the State of Maine Office of Marijuana Policy after failing to meet an October 1st launch deadline. Maine has undertaken contract negotiations with the runner up, Franwell Metrc.