The Week Ahead
(December 9, 2019)

WSLCB planned to host a public hearing on packaging and labeling rules, adopt final rules on vapor products, and work with stakeholders on TPI and the future of traceability.

Here’s a look at cannabis-related policymaking events on Cannabis Observer’s calendars in the week ahead.

Monday December 9th

On Monday at 10am PT @ WSLCB, the True Party of Interest (TPI) Work Group convenes.

  • Cannabis Observer does not have direct visibility into the TPI Work Group’s proceedings.

On Monday at 1pm PT @ WSLCB, the Traceability 2.0 Work Group convenes.

  • The locus of discussion about the future of cannabis traceability and supply chain transparency has shifted to the relatively new Traceability 2.0 external work group. This work group has met twice, on September 24th and November 4th. The work group is moving slowly to help the State consider revising and scaling back requirements for supply chain awareness and reporting.
  • Since the work group’s last meeting, an informal Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) Subcommittee was organized and convened on November 27th to develop recommendations for a standards-based approach to generating traceability identifiers associated with products moving through supply chains. The subcommittee elicited the expertise of thirteen participants representing software providers servicing all tiers of the supply chain as well as a WSLCB representative. The recommendations were reviewed at last week’s Integrator Work Session and will be presented for adoption by the Traceability 2.0 Work Group.
  • The work group will continue utilizing a draft workflow developed by the WSLCB to frame discussions about issues such as tracking at the “Plant vs batch” level, “Wet weight & dry weight,” the “Manifest approach,” and “QA.” The work group also planned to schedule meetings into 2020.

Tuesday December 10th

On Tuesday at 10am PT @ WSLCB, the weekly Board Caucus recurs.

Wednesday December 11th

On Wednesday at 10am PT @ WSLCB, the bi-weekly Board Meeting recurs [ agenda ].

  • Following a quiet public hearing on Vapor Products on November 26th, the Board planned to adopt final rules and approve filing a CR-103 to complete the rulemaking project.
  • The agency also planned to host the public hearing for the Packaging and Labeling rulemaking project, the next step following adoption of the CR-102’s proposed rules on October 30th.

On Wednesday, the weekly WSLCB Executive Management Team (EMT) meeting has been canceled as the WSLCB Alcohol Advisory Council has been scheduled to meet during that time period [ agenda ].