WSLCB - Focus Group - PAL
(August 12, 2019) - Garza's Review

Director Rick Garza brought up a “really good meeting” with stakeholders the day before on the Packaging and Labeling rulemaking project (PAL) where agency staff learned more from Colorado and Oregon regulators about those jurisdiction’s PAL rules. There was general agreement that Oregon had a better program.

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  • Stakeholders included licensed processors representing the state’s major cannabis trade organizations. Rachel Weygandt, Compliance Manager and Project Coordinator for Evergreen Herbal, a Washington CannaBusiness Association (WACA) member, was invited to participate after her testimony at the August 7th Board Meeting. And it’s our understanding that Katie Mitchell of Katie Baked Goods, a Cannabis Observer sponsor, planned to participate on behalf of The Cannabis Alliance.
  • Garza said that open rulemaking projects and board interim policies (BIP) needed to align with Policy and Rules Coordinator Kathy Hoffman’s efforts to produce draft rules on PAL by the end of September.