The Week Ahead
(July 6, 2020)

The WSLCB planned to hear from stakeholders about proposed changes to cannabis product testing rules on Wednesday, although coordination in advance would be necessary to speak.

Here’s a look at cannabis-related policymaking events on Cannabis Observer’s calendars in the week ahead.

Monday July 6th

On Monday, the staff of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) will be obligated to take their second agency-wide furlough day in accordance with a cost-saving directive signed by Washington State Governor Jay Inslee on June 17th.

  • WSLCB leadership chose Mondays in July as the weekday when all employees would not work, and third Mondays when the cadence switches to once per month in August through November. See the agency’s furlough days on Cannabis Observer’s WSLCB calendar.

Tuesday July 7th

On Tuesday, the weekly Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) Board Caucus was cancelled.

  • [ Event Details ]
  • After shifting their caucus meetings from 10am to 11:30am throughout June to enable Chair Jane Rushford to solely represent the interests of the Board in agency staff meetings, the Board again shifted their caucus meetings to Thursday mornings at 10am throughout July as a result of the WSLCB furlough policy.
  • Cannabis Observer reached out to Executive Assistant Dustin Dickson in late June to confirm the change. He replied, “...the Board will hold Caucus on Thursday (rather than Tuesday) next week. Due to furloughs and related schedule implications, the Board will hold Caucus on Thursdays through July. I’ll be updating the remainder of the online calendar to reflect these changes soon. The Board will also give appropriate consideration to the once-a-month furlough days in August, September, October and November as necessary.”
  • At publication time, the WSLCB Board Meeting Schedule for July had not been updated to reflect the planned change. However, as the Board Caucus on Tuesday had been marked as cancelled, the Board may not be planning to meet in caucus on Thursday, the day after the Board Meeting.

Wednesday July 8th

On Wednesday, the Washington State Board of Health (SBOH) Board Meeting was cancelled.

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  • Although we do not have any insight into the cancellation of this regularly scheduled SBOH board meeting, the agency called for a Special Board Meeting on June 19th with less than 24 hours notice - and abruptly cancelled it later the same day. It’s Cannabis Observer’s understanding that the Board intended to pass emergency rules regarding changes to COVID-19 reporting to comply with the federal CARES Act, changes deliberated during the SBOH May 19th Health Promotion Committee Meeting.
  • More recently on July 1st, SBOH Board Member and Spokane Regional Health District Health Officer Bob Lutz issued a “Civil Health Hold” to detain a non-compliant COVID-19 patient in the downtown Spokane County jail for ten days.

On Wednesday at 10am PT, the bi-weekly WSLCB Board Meeting was scheduled to recur.

  • [ Event Details ]
  • The Board planned four cannabis-related rulemaking actions for Wednesday.
    • Cannabis Retail Title Certificates - withdrawal of CR-101
    • SB 6206 Implementation (Location Compliance Certificates) - approving the filing of a new CR-101
    • HB 2826 Implementation - approving the filing of a new CR-101
    • Quality Control (QC) Testing and Product Requirements - public hearing on CR-102 proposed rules
  • In addition to the public hearing, the Board will also hear general public comment, but individuals must coordinate with WSLCB Executive Assistant Dustin Dickson to be granted an opportunity to speak during either segment.
    • Please submit your comments to One can also comment during a public hearing or at the end of the meeting via WebEx. If you wish to speak to the Board during a “Public Hearing” or “General Public Comments”, you must e-mail before that agenda item begins, preferably by close-of-business on Tuesday, July 7. Dustin will provide additional instructions and a link to connect to the WebEx through your computer. Comments will be limited to four minutes per person. 

On Wednesday at 1:30pm PT, the three-member Board and agency leadership were scheduled to convene their weekly WSLCB Executive Management Team (EMT) meeting.

  • [ Event Details ]
  • The last 20 regularly scheduled EMT meetings have been cancelled. The EMT last convened on Wednesday February 12th.
  • EMT meetings are (were?) 40% of all regularly scheduled WSLCB public meetings by quantity and the only context in which agency staff consistently interact with all three appointed WSLCB board members to communicate and coordinate the agency’s activities.