Washington State Senate

Washington State Legislature – Opposite House Cutoff (April 17, 2019)

Wednesday April 17th was the last day to pass bills through the opposite chamber (with exceptions). Eleven cannabis-related bills that passed the session’s house of origin cutoff remain in motion – including one bill Cannabis Observer considered inactive after the committee report cutoff. Here are some observations of the cannabis-related bills which have passed both … Continued

Washington State Senate – Bills (March 18, 2019) – SB 5985 – “Concerning provisions impacting marijuana business licensees.”

Here are some observations about a new cannabis bill, SB 5985. This unusual bill was introduced on March 14th—the day after the house of origin cutoff—and attempts to revive parts of particular cannabis bills which were not moved by the usual means. My top 3 takeaways: SB 5985 may be designated necessary to implement the … Continued